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The Procrastination Station
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November 2015
This month's Procrastination Station brings you:

Advice on registering for VAT with Watson Buckle. To register or not to register VAT is the question... hey, hey... what? It wasn't that bad.
Risk assessment tips from Craven Safety Services. Careful now...
Business startup advice from Rupert Shires Business Enterprise Fund.
Get stuck in with Viking Industrial and look at using 3M VHB Adhesive Tape.
And finally we round up with a quick testimonial for The West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.

So VAT is the question

I often find taxes difficult to understand. And with there being so many of them to think about it gets even more confusing. Luckily Mark at Watson Buckle takes a moment out to explain about VAT registration.

So what's the Risk?

As a video production business we are constantly having to carry out a risk assessment when going to a location. Now if you are luck then you only need to do one a year. If you can't remember how then let Liz from Craven Safety Services remind you.

Business Startup Advice
We all started somewhere and it is nice to see that there are people and organisations that can and will help. In this video Rupert from BEFund talks to us about how you or someone you know can kick-start their business.
The Second Most Important Thing...
When it comes to adhesives, tapes and abrasives then there is no-one more experienced in giving the best advice in their useage than Viking Industrial. In this video Craig shows us the second most important thing about 3M VHB tape.
Working with The Chamber
Recently The West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce went to the Heathrow Northern Business Summit and were lucky enough to get a minute with Sundeep Sangha who is the Head of Economic Development at Heathrow. Let's see what she had to say.
So thats enough procrastinating for this month. Get back to work and remember every day's a school day.
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